Installation from sources


The following dependencies need to be installed in order to install h5features:

  • git to clone the source code.

  • The cmake>=3.12 build system.

  • A recent C++ compiler supporting the C++17 standard (tested with gcc-9).

  • The hdf5>=1.10 library.

  • The boost>=1.55 library.

  • A python3 interpreter (to build the documentation and the Python API).

On Ubuntu install those dependencies with:

sudo apt install git build-essential libhdf5-dev libboost-all-dev python3 cmake

Compilation and installation

First, clone the h5features repository from github and go to its root directory:

git clone --recursive
cd h5features

Then create a build directory (to store intermediate and compiled files) and run cmake from it (alternatively you can use cmake-gui to easily customize build options) and finally compile the project:

mkdir -p build
cd build
cmake ..
make  # or "make -j4" to speed up compilation using 4 CPU cores
make install


By default h5features is installed to /usr/local on UNIX and C://Program Files/h5features on Windows. To install it in another directory use the following option to cmake:

cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<installation path> ..

Run the Test (optional)

The compilation of the test suite is not included by default in the cmake configuration. To enable it, run it with the -DH5FEATURES_BUILD_TEST=ON option, then compile the project and execute the tests with make test:

make test

Build the documentation (optional)

The compilation of the documentation (the one you are currently reading) is not included by default in the cmake configuration. To enable it, tun it with the -DH5FEATURES_BUILD_DOC=ON option and build the docs in html with make doc:

make doc

The documentation website is available at build/doc/html.