Abkhazia’s documentation


The source code is available at https://www.github.com/bootphon/abkhazia.

The abkhazia project makes it easy to obtain simple baselines for supervised ASR (using Kaldi) and ABX tasks (using ABXpy) on the large corpora of speech recordings typically used in speech engineering, linguistics or cognitive science research. To this end, abkhazia provides the following:

  • the definition of a standard format for speech corpora, largely inspired from the typical format used for kaldi recipes

  • a abkhazia command-line tool for importing speech corpora to that standard format and performing various tasks on it,

  • a Python library that can be extended to new corpora and new ASR models

    • verifying the internal consistency of the data

    • extracting some standard statistics about the composition of the corpus

    • training supervised ASR models on the corpus with kaldi

    • computing ABX discriminability scores in various ABX tasks defined on the corpus

Abkhazia also comes with a set of recipes for specific corpora, which can be applied to the raw distribution of these corpora directly to obtain a version in standard format. The only requirement is to have access to the raw distributions. Unfortunately, unlike most other domains, large speech corpora are most of the time not freely available. List the list of corpora supported in abkhazia with abkhazia prepare --help